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Who Are We?

Today the question most people are asking themselves is “Where do I put my money, so that it can work for me?

We all know savings rates are derisory and at an all-time low, so most people with cash are looking for alternatives to grow their money above inflation.

Goldman & Co. offer an alternative investment avenue for clients who are looking to invest in properties.



Lauren Painter, London

It's refreshing to see that in a stagnant economy of low interest, there is still investment innovation at work!

Sayid Amin, London

Goldman & Co. were always on my side. I would recommend them to all my friends!

David Nicola, California

I always felt like Goldman & Co. were committed to providing the best service they can provide.

Rebecca Rosenblum, Toronto

They were a pleasure to work with. They always kept me informed and updated on what was happening.


With the ultimate property investment gurus at your finger tips, finding a London property investment will feel surprisingly easier from start to finish. So leave your contact details below and our experts will get back to you!